Wednesday, December 31, 2008

St. Louis Cathedral -- Cabildo -- Arcade

St. Louis Cathedral
George spent some time here, hiding out during the day with the package he’s carrying for Lana. I talked about the cathedral in the Pirate’s Alley section, but here’s the photo again…

George spotted Patrolman Mancuso and hid behind an arch in front of the Cabildo. The original Cabildo building was destroyed in a fire in 1788 and was rebuilt in 1795. It was the seat of the Spanish colonial government. The Cabildo has seen many historic events, such as the transfer of the Louisiana Purchase. After the Civil War, it was the home of the Louisiana Supreme Court from 1868 to 1910. It’s been a museum since 1911.
Here’s a photo of the Cibaldo…

After spotting Patrolman Mancuso, George dashes down the arcade which leads to St. Peter St. Here it is…

When I took this photo in August 2008, you can see that there was considerable construction activity. This little arcade runs between Pirate’s Alley and St. Peter St.

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