Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Trixie's Apartment

Trixie’s Apartment
Toole said that Mr. and Mrs. Levy went to Trixie’s apartment and “stopped before a dazed-looking wooden apartment building across from the Desire Street wharf.”
The Desire Street wharf used to sit in the Bywater neighborhood of New Orleans. Of course, Bywater is also where the Levy Pants building was located and Trixie would walk to work. In fact, when the Levy’s went to Trixie’s apartment, they passed Levy Pants along the way. Toole says they “passed the factory” and then “turned along the river” before stopping at Trixie’s building.
The concrete apron of the Desire Street wharf was laid down by Works Progress Administration (WPA) in 1937 and was part of a larger dock rehabilitation program.
Here are some photos of the wharf that were taken in 1938.

The wharf is no longer there and the concrete apron is gone, too. Several other docks can be seen in this satellite photo from Google maps, but there is a blank space where Desire Street dead ends into the Mississippi River.
From Chartres Street, you can’t even see the river because of a giant wall. Here is the view, looking towards the south…

Behind the wall is a railroad track, and you can see that a train is stopped right there.
I’m guessing that Trixie’s apartment building would be somewhere near the corner of Desire St. and Chartres St…

…However, I’m not sure I’ve found the building exactly as described…
On one corner of Desire St. and Chartres St., there’s a small vacant lot next to a brick building…

Trixie’s apartment building might have sat in that vacant lot.
Or it might be this building that’s on the other corner of Desire St. and Chartres St…

Trixie’s apartment was upstairs, and as you can see, there are some upstairs rooms that might have been apartments. Hell, they could be apartments, today, I didn’t check. The downstairs portion is being used as a bar/restaurant called Elizabeth’s.

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  1. Elizabeth's takes up both floors of that building; there is a bar and more restaurant seating upstairs. Truly amazing food! I live close by and eat there often - I will talk to the management about the building's history next time I go. I LOVE your blog, by the way!