Thursday, January 1, 2009

Mattie's Ramble Inn

Mattie’s Ramble Inn
Burma Jones likes to hang out at the bar of Mattie’s Ramble Inn, which was a bar and grocery store in the Carrollton neighborhood. It was here that Burma got the idea of sabotaging Lana Lee from an older, wiser patron. Carrollton is west of the French Quarter and the Garden District. If you follow St. Charles Ave. all the way to the River, you’ll hit Carrollton.
It was incorporated as a city in 1833 and annexed by New Orleans in 1874.
Toole said that Mattie’s Ramble Inn sat on a corner, and there are a lot of corner businesses in Carrollton. I found this building, sitting on a corner, that looks like it could be Mattie’s…

The business that occupies the building is called the Carrollton Flower Market and its at the corner of Dublin and Burthe.


  1. Actually, the man who gave Burma Jones the idea about sabotage was Mr. Watson, the "quiet, tan, cafe au lait" owner of Mattie's, not a fellow patron.

  2. It's generally accepted that Mattie's is modeled after Butler's Bar and Restaurant.,_New_Orleans