Thursday, January 1, 2009

St. Joseph Street

St. Joseph Street
While pushing his Paradise Vendors’ cart, Ignatius plays with a cat on St. Joseph St., and tries to stuff him into the bun compartment. Someone watches him and then complains to the Board of Health. Of course, the Board of Health contacts Mr. Clyde and he confronts Ignatius about it. Mr. Clyde is angry that Ignatius was on St. Joseph, because “that’s all warehouses and wharfs out there.”
St. Joseph Street probably doesn’t look that much different than it did in Ignatius’ time, but the businesses there probably do. There are still plenty of warehouses, in fact, its called the Warehouse District. Now, most of them are art galleries, and lofts.
Here are a few photos of St. Joseph St. from August 2008...

The buildings in the second and third photos sit right across the street from one another. The red brick building has been turned into apartments (or maybe condos), and the grey building looks like its still being used as a warehouse.
The fourth photo is of a business called The Foundry. They cater and host events, weddings, and business meeting.
The fifth photo shows the Dixie Mill Supply Company and it looks like they’ve turned the building into lofts.

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