Thursday, January 1, 2009

Bowling Alley

Bowling Alley
Santa Bataglia and Mrs. Reilly went bowling a couple of times throughout the book, and at one point, Mrs. Reilly calls the bowling alley by name. She calls it Fazzio’s, which is a bowling alley in Harvey, LA. That’s on the opposite side of the Mississippi River and wouldn’t be the place Mr. Reilly was talking about.
There used to be a Fazzio’s on North Rampart St., but I’m not sure exactly where it was located. There are many buildings that could have housed it, but there isn’t one there today.

3/10/09 Edit: Thanks for the info Sedna1000! I really appreciate it. I found this photo that matches up with yours rather nicely...

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  1. Fazzio's used to be at 1301 N. Rampart St. The building was built in 1926 and was originally the Colonial Home Furnishing Company. By the 1950's it was a 3 level bowling alley and the building is now home to new condos.

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