Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hibernia Bank

Hibernia Bank
While lamenting to Ignatius about the destroyed balcony, Mrs. Reilly mentions that she has $150 at the Hibernia Bank. The Hibernia National Bank was founded in 1870 and was headquartered in New Orleans. It became very successful and was the primary bank for most of Louisiana for a long time. It was acquired by Capital One in 2005.
Their headquarters building still sits at 812 Gravier St. in the Central Business District.
Here’s a photo of the headquarters building…

In Carrollton, I found this bank, which is the Hibernia Homestead Bank. I imagine Mrs. Reilly would have conducted her meager business in a bank like this one…

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  1. In the scene where Irene Reilly is speaking with Mancuso about the bill for the house she damaged, she states that she could "get a thousand dollars over by the Homestead" if she took out a mortgage. She would probably have banked at this local branch.